Special Announcement – Love Winter, LMomo, Atelier Guarin has been added to our line up for our Autumn Fashion Show

Cocktail Crawl Social Club will be presenting some of Canada’s newest and upcoming fashion designers at our fashion show event on November 07 at the Spoke Club.  The show will feature our latest edition to our line up Love Winter, LMomo and Atelier Guarin. For tickets to attending this specatular event please purchase your tickets through this link – http://uv.rs/1wLL9bJ as we are sure to be sold out.

Love Winter

The Brand

Love Winter is a Canadian company on a mission to make the world fall in love with winter—by changing the way people think and feel about it. Don’t hide inside, get out and enjoy! Embrace winter!

Love Winter Boots

Bringing legendary Russian Valenki boots to the West is making it possible for Love Winter to inspire people to live life to the fullest and to create their own style, even during the coldest winter days. Love Winter marries age-old tradition with today’s modern lifestyle, creating products that highlight the best of both worlds.

Love Winter

At Love Winter, we think globally. We believe that through hard-work, positive energy and a clear vision, anything and everything is possible.

The Founder

Polina Roufanova, is Love Winter’s solopreneurial Founder. Born in Saratov, Russia, a major port on the Volga River, she was raised in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and is now based in downtown Toronto.

Polina Roufanova, is Love Winter’s solopreneurial Founder

After graduating from Ryerson University with a degree in Commerce, Polina attended Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where the idea to revive the traditional Valenki boot and reintroduce it to the world began to take shape.

Merging a love of fashion with a keen eye for business, Polina created the Love Winter brand after a two- year stint as an event planner and marketing specialist in Montenegro, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. With Love Winter, she has set out to dispel the myth that winter is something to be avoided. “Embrace it,” she says emphatically. “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!” It is with this glass-half-full attitude in mind that Polina is poised to establish Love Winter as a premium international luxury brand, for outerwear and beyond.Love Winter

“It has to do with the way I was raised,” she says, explaining her innate business acumen. “My parents are both entrepreneurs; my mother is a real-estate guru and my father is the owner of a shoe company. In my mind, it was never, ‘this is going to be crazy.’ I have always felt confident to try something new, something different on my own.”

This exacting spirit and a positive attitude are both highly valued in her family, philosophies that have been a huge help to Polina and her talent for looking at the big, international picture. “Thinking globally is more exciting than zeroing in on one place,” she says. “I never had a fear of changing my environment. And as they say, the world is your oyster.”

To shop online – www.lovewinter.com




 From concept to creation, since its inception in 2012, L’MOMO has emerged as a prestige apparel brand which captures the spirit of opulence and luxury. At 24, Chief Designer Muhammad Alamgir has the crystal clear vision of a well seasoned designer.  With chic, modern cuts, impeccable tailoring and the use of innovative fabrics, Alamgir’s design is not only inspired, but also raises the bar and pushes the boundaries of conventional ‘street-style’. The result is a collection that features playful, yet edgy and feminine silhouettes that are coveted internationally, both on and off the runway.



LMomo - Spring/ Summer 2015

 VOGUE Italia; EMMY AWARDS 2014; City TV; OMNI TV;  Global TV/Global News;  TFI/ Toronto Mastercard Fashion Week;  Breakfast Television; ANOKHI, Flare Magazine, Fantastic Magazine, DRESS TO KILL, BlogTO; Metro News, HELLO Magazine Miss World Canada, America’s Next Top Model; “The Grand Seduction”, Red Carpet Premiere and much more.

LMomo - Spring/Summer 2015

To shop online – http://www.lmomo.ca


Sebastian- ATELIER GUARINSebastian Taborda Guarin was born in Medellin, Colombia, The city of eternal spring, and a major fashion capital in South America. Medellin is Known internationally for Colombia Moda, its textile industry, and manufacturing. Guarin spent his childhood years growing up in New York City, Atlanta, and ultimately London/Toronto. His major passions growing up were fashion, and acting. Leading to an education, and training in both fields. He concluded his studies concentrating solely on Fashion design, finding his personal design aesthetic, and ultimately graduating at the top of his class.


Throughout his education in fashion design, Sebastian focused on shaping, and presenting his brand by putting on his own fashion shows every summer, presenting his own collections from resort wear to affordable luxury and garnering great attention locally. His goals being brighter and bolder, lead to his permanent move to the city of Toronto.


In his years as a designer, Sebastian and his brand Atelier Guarin are the winners of the 2014 David Dixon best collection award, Flare magazine top three collections presented by Truc Nguyen, the F-list designer to watch presented by Leesa Butler. Awards for Evening wear best design (2013), features and editorials in Blowe magazine, Flare, among others, design showcases at  Unbound, Pride by Design 2014 featuring a design for Courtney act, Xposed 2014, Braz for the cause, Women’s Expo, etc and Most recently selection to participate in Start up Fashion week, and an inclusion on BlogTO’s list of emerging designers for 2014.


The Atelier Guarin brand is innovative, fresh, detailed and clean.