Canadian Invasion Fashion Show



Join us on April 26 for a Canadian Invasion Fashion Show being held at the Uptown Loft – 2464 Yonge Street. The fashion show event will pay tribute to the fashion art and culture of Canada. The event will showcase Canadian Haute Couture and celebrate the City of Toronto and Montreal. The event will host a Canadian inspired theme.

The event will explore traditional and new aspects of the relationship between fashion, culture, and media from a number of theoretical perspectives, but also by practical experiences and different points of view, bring experiences from the field.

The idea is to create the opportunity of reviewing all the possible interconnections and synergies between the fashion industry and social media, its difference between old and new and trying to understand and explore new possibilities and limits in their relationship. The show is a blend of Canadian fashion infusion. The fashion show event would also collaborate with Canadian local, national and international artists from a wide variety of artistic disciplines.

The event would highlight the connection fashion has played an impact on photography, illustration, film and social media in Canadian culture.

For tickets – click this link

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