Grand Winter Ball


Cocktail Crawl Social Club will be hosting it’s first annual Grand Winter Ball. The event will be a cocktail Winter Oasis. Featured local vendors and entertainment.

The event will explore traditional and new aspects of a Winter Wonderland. Guest will enjoy an evening of networking, vendors, live entertainment,cocktails and appetizers. This Winter mix and mingle is not to be missed


1 Complimentary drink & appetizers

Swag bag gifts

$40 CAD – Early Bird until December 14

$50 CAD – General Admission

Upscale attire required

Strict Guest List will be enforced

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End of Summer Cocktail Networking Event

Cocktail Crawl Social Club Presents – The End of Summer Networking Event


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – As a token of our appreciation to our guests and event supporters we will be hosting an End of Summer Networking Event at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Toronto – 181 Wellington Street West inside the DEQ Bar and Lounge. This is an complimentary entry for our members and a cash bar event. Bring your business cards and network with some of Toronto social and corporate elite.

Confirmed and registered guests will receive a swag bag. One bag per guest.



  • Swag Bag Gifts
  • Complimentary Entry


  • We kindly ask guests to – Click here to RESERVE their spot as once we reached capacity no further guests will be admitted. Guest list registration will be in full effect.

Upscale Attire Is Required
We kindly ask guests to please arrive on time @ 8:30 p.m. sharp!
Be sure to check out our new and improved website –

Please Note: We want to remind you that our events have limited space so it is important to RSVP respectfully and responsibly. Guests who RSVP and do not show up to the event prevent other members from attending and generate the wrong head count for the venue, which reflects negatively on our social club. Please be considerate to all parties involved and RSVP only if you are committed to attending this event or reserve an advanced ticket through the links provided in this invite!


This event will be held inside the DEQ Terrace Lounge.

To reserve your spot to attend this event please click this link. Tickets are going quickly be sure to RSVP in advanced. Once we reach capacity no further guests can be admitted

Great strides made in Haiti, but challenges remain for children, says UNICEF Canada president from Port-au-Prince

Featured Supporting Charity –




UNICEF has saved more children’s lives than any other humanitarian organization. We work tirelessly to help children and their families, doing whatever it takes to ensure children survive. We provide children with healthcare and immunization, clean water, nutrition and food security, education, emergency relief and more.

UNICEF is supported entirely by voluntary donations and helps children regardless of race, religion or politics. As part of the UN, we are active in over 190 countries – more than any other organization. Our determination and our reach are unparalleled. Because nowhere is too far to go to help a child survive.


UNICEF Canada President and CEO David Morley was in Port-au-Prince visiting projects, talking to children and families and assessing the progress made in Haiti to build a stronger future for its children. He had the following comments:

“Six years ago Canadians and the international community responded with generosity and compassion for the children and families of Haiti devastated by an earthquake that destroyed much of its major city and killed close to a quarter million people in a mere 45 seconds. The response of Canadians and the world has been critical over the last six years in saving lives and helping Haiti get back on its feet.


In the weeks following the deadly earthquake, Ex-Prime Minister Harper said we needed to commit to Haiti for the long term and that it’s not an exaggeration to say ten years of hard work awaits the world in Haiti. As of today, we’re only half way there. Port-au-Prince and Haiti have come back to where they were at the time of the earthquake.


In some areas there’s been significant progress—primary education enrollment, child survival and child protection legislation. The huge risk is that momentum will be lost if support for Haiti doesn’t continue. Funds are running low and the children of Haiti must not fall off of the world’s radar. This isn’t what was envisioned when the world rallied to build a stronger Haiti in the aftermath of this deadly earthquake. Continuing challenges remain on many fronts including access to clean water to prevent deadly diseases, drop-out rates that increase as children progress through school and the unchanging high prevalence of HIV.


Progress in Haiti is the result of the combined efforts of the international community and donors—Canadians included—and the steadfast determination of Haitians themselves and their community leaders to build a better country for Haiti’s children. In recent days I’ve met some of the most incredible, heroic Haitians who need our support to keep the momentum going to build a stronger Haiti. And, as always, meeting children who are incredibly resilient and brave in the face of so much adversity reminds us why Canada and the global community must continue to keep Haiti as a priority.”

Get your tickets for our fashion show event on April 22 at the Burroughes at:




Cocktail Crawl Social Club presents- A fashion show event that will play tribute to France and French culture. The event will showcase French haute couture and celebrate all past and present colonies of France. From Quebec, Africa and the Caribbean. The event will host a French inspired theme. The show will feature the latest collection from: Lidija, Sharleez Bridal, Jaime Elyse, Vivienne Pash. Plus couture and international designers from Moscow, France, New York and Montreal

The event will explore traditional and new aspects of the relationship between fashion, culture and media from a number of theoretical perspectives, but also by practical experiences and different points of view, bring experiences from the field.

The idea is to create the opportunity of reviewing all the possible interconnections and synergies between the fashion industry and social media, its difference between old and new and trying to understand and explore new possibilities and limits in their relationship. The show is a European and Canadian fashion infusion. The fashion show event would also collaborate with local, national and international artists from a wide variety of artistic disciplines.

The event would highlight the connection fashion has played an impact on photography, illustration, film and social media.


• 1 Complimentary drink & appetizers
• Swag bag gifts

$40 CAD – Early Bird General Admission until March 12
$45 CAD General Admission after March 12
$50 CADLate Registration Admission After March 20

** 10% of proceeds will be donated to UNICEF CANADA

Get your advanced ticket through the button below:

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Check out the video from our last event held on November 6 @ Cambria Gallery

AUTUMN FASHION SHOW – TORONTO ( Full Video ) from Zonde on Vimeo.


Supporting Featured Charity – Save A Child’s Heart

** Cocktail Crawl Social Club Fall Fashion show event  will be donating 10% of proceeds  raised to Save a Child’s Heart. **

Save A Child's Hear


Save a Child’s Heart Foundation saves children’s lives. Through our programs in Israel, we  provide free, life-saving cardiac treatment to children from developing countries and train
health care professionals from these countries to have the skills to deliver quality care in
their home community.

Save A Child's Heart
To date we have provided care to over 3,700 children from 50 countries in Africa, Asia,
Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, South and Central America and the Middle East.
Many of our children come from areas affected by war and nature such as Iraq, Haiti,
Sri Lanka and the Palestinian Authority.

Save A Child's Heart
Save a Child’s Heart is one of the most significant and exciting global healthcare initiatives
of its kind in the world today.

Our Mission:
To save children’s lives and train others to save children’s lives.

What we do:
We provide free, life-saving cardiac treatment to children from developing countries; and
We train doctors from these countries to deliver cardiac care in their own communities.

Our Values:
Every child deserves the best medical care available regardless of race, religion or gender; and
Providing this medical care contributes to a more peaceful future for all our children.

Get your tickets for our fashion show event on November 06 @ Cambria

Cocktail Crawl Social Club – 2 Year Anniversary Bash

Cocktail Crawl - 2 Year Anniversary Bash

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT –   Cocktail Crawl Social Club will be hosting it’s first 2 year anniversary bash event at the ever exclusive Thompson Hotel Rooftop Lounge  on Thursday May 1, 2014!  We strongly advise if you plan on attending this event to please purchase an advanced ticket. Strict guest list will be enforced as we will be in the Rooftop Lounge.  Mix and network with some of Toronto’s urban elite. Celebrate with us on this incredible milestone. Don’t delay, purchase your tickets today!

Thursday May 1, 2014
The Thompson Hotel – Rooftop Lounge
550 Wellington Street W
Toronto, Ontario  M5V 2V4

$25.00 in advance
7:00 p.m. Sharp!
For Tickets – No more tickets are available
1 Complimentary drink
Sponsored Swag Bag Gifts
Special Anniversary Cake

Upscale Attire Required 
We are sure to be sold out for this event –  RSVP
Strict guest list enforced
Featured Swag Bag Sponsor –  Marc Anthony Body Butter
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Cocktail Crawl Special Events Series – Social Media and Fashion Event

Special Event Series Social Media and Fashion

Cocktail Crawl will be hosting it’s first ever special event series outside it’s regular networking event. The theme of this event is an Social Media and Fashion infusion. This is an event not to be missed for the upscale networking professional.

Some of Canada’s best and brightest will be at this event doing an keynote presentation and discussion. A small fashion show presentation and cocktail networking reception to follow.

1 Complimentary drink, appetizers and swag bag gifts provided.

Come and explore and discuss traditional and new aspects of the relations between fashion, culture and media from a number of theoretical perspectives, but also by practical experiences and different points of view, bringing together prominent voices and experiences from the field. The idea is to create the opportunity of overviewing all the possible interconnections and synergies between Fashion Industry and social media, its difference between old and new and trying to understand and explore new possibilities and limits in their relationship.

Featured key panelist include Sonya Gill, founder and CEO of Youzus, a social media marketing agency, Mark Brodsky is an Authorized Local Expert for Constant Contact.Amanda Parker, founder of Aha Moment Media Inc. and Mark Gordon, founder of Fourword Marketing. The event will also include an fashion show from Canadian Fashion Week Designer, Whitney Linen.  An cocktail networking reception  will follow.

Social Media Event Toronto

Guest will also receive an complimentary drink and swag bag sponsored gifts.

Purchase your ticket now –



Montreal Cocktail Crawl 

Montreal Cocktail Crawl Event

We invite the best of Montreal urban professional chic to celebrate the Grand Prix with us. We are hosting our first ever Pre Grand Prix event (the day before the Grand Prix starts). Our next event will be June 5, 2013 at Terrasses Bonsecours 364 Rue de la Commune Est Quai du Vieux-Port, Montréal QC @ 6:00pm. 

The Terrasses Bonsecours is an upscale, contemporary space which accommodates guests needs while providing an exclusive view of the city of Montreal, making a memorable experience for all.

Please note 1 complimentary drink, and swag bags gifts will be provided at this event.

Purchase your ticket now – 


Ottawa Cocktail Crawl 

Ottawa Cocktail Crawl Event

We would like to reach out to the lifestyle connoisseurs in Ottawa. We are coming back to Ottawa on June 19, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. at Juniper Kitchen and Wine Bar – 245 Richmond Road in Westboro.

Juniper Kitchen and Wine Bar is a highly recommended restaurant and event space within the city of Ottawa which provides an urban, yet intimate atmosphere, while striving to highlight the “New Canadian Cuisine.”

Please note 1 complimentary drink and swag bags gifts will be provided.

Don’t delay purchase your ticket today – 

Event Coverage inside Le Journal Montreal Newspaper

Cocktail Crawl Social Club in Montreal was able to generate some media buzz inside the Le Journal Montreal newspaper. Guests in Montreal were treated to free canapes and a complimentary drink while enjoying the media coverage of our event. A special thanks goes out to Restuarant Basso and to Abeille Gélinas for covering the event

Montreal Le Journal - April 17 2013

In addition our Toronto event also received some social media coverage by the blog Approach2link Be sure to check out the article and photos

Cocktail Crawl Social Club - Flapper Ladies

April 24 - Moroco ChoclateCocktail Crawl Social Club - Moroco Chocolate Yorkville Cocktail Crawl Social Club Toronto